It is not one of those widely advertised scams that you would see online or in newspapers like the medical billing industry is plagued with. If you want teachers to kill enthusiasm for learning, then tell them to conduct their lessons like a corporate trainer, preferably with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation. All of this suggests that schools are becoming more like businesses that trade in skilled human capital, than places of learning. This suggests that the so-called ‘education revolution’ had more to do with strengthening Australia’s economic future than radical pedagogical reform and development. The students of the present and the future are now availing the online services for their further education as it provides a lot of ease and comfort to them. Grace and Truth Books, a Christian book publisher and Christian book distributor provides character building Christian books for children and families. At the same time, we will improve lives through learning.The team at Dumpshq shares a common vision of building technically wise and successful students. After all, it is the students who will judge teachers, not politicians, economists, business managers or captains of industry.

Schools do not need ‘improvement strategies’ prepared by a consultancy agency; they need teachers, those who have been entrusted by society to teach children to live well. The American philosopher Sidney Hook wrote that ‘everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not their methods and techniques. Pick up an education policy or ‘school business plan’ and you’re bound to encounter terms that belong in a corporate manual. If you’re a traveler, English is the language you can use wherever you go. Attend a staff-development session in an Australian state school and you’re likely to hear reference to the school’s ‘strategic-planning initiative’, and the need to ‘build on maximum capacity’ and ‘value add’. Consider the terminology in the Australian Labor Party’s ‘New Directions’ paper, released in the lead-up to the federal ALP victory in 2007, and you get a fairly clear idea of where the government intended to take education.

The system may take from 2-4 years for consummation, contingent on the calendar you select. These are crude instruments that don’t take into account the complexities of education. Internet has emerged as a powerful tool for education. On this case, you merely require a supercomputer and internet connection to learn. As a result the students are able to have a real life and practical industry experience. It is a remarkable experience.Those of us who are pursuing continued education from an established home may have already had many of the experiences of on-campus life and all of it’s excitement. Today, more stay at home parents are offered the opportunity to be able to pursue their desired degree while not having to give up their time for their children. They are great home makers and the excellent housewives. A great pinnacle of Christian music sung by a wonderful choir of German young people.

As I was writing this I felt transformed by the wonderful music I was listening to at the same time: JS Bach’s St Matthew Passion – sung by the Thomanerchor Leipzig (Video with subtitles). But are there enough teachers of humanities subjects who can enthuse their students? There are several online English speaking courses that help you learn the language in a fun and interactive manner. Different tutors used different tools to teach courses to the students. LittleKid Press, LLC, is dedicated to the publishing of high value, non-violent Children’s Picture Books that entertain while they teach. We use Mad Libs from time to time as well as formal grammar books. If education analysts are to have a meaningful discussion on advancing education, then why not use meaningful language instead of vapid corporate terminology that would make anyone, let alone a teacher, glaze over? Teachers help kids make sense of a world that is becoming increasingly complex and confusing. And with these basic tools he would draw every member of the class into a world of wonder. Additional context might be gained from the fact that 40% of Coursera learners are in the developing world. The vision of a caring community of learners is a place where adults and children practice such core values as kindness, respect for others, and responsibility, and where children learn important subject matter and develop their intellectual capacity.

My view is that enthusiasm for your subject is the sine qua non of a good teacher, regardless of the subject. As an English and philosophy teacher, my students often ask me how reading a novel written more than 100 years ago, or studying an ancient civilisation, will help them get a job. Put simply, schools are becoming little more than training centres that procure compliant and attentive candidates for the workplace, and lessons are becoming little more than training sessions for the job market. Looking to enhance your current job credentials? If the current government is dedicated to strengthening education, it needs to establish a clear understanding of teachers’ roles in schools. Yet they are gaining increasing prominence in Australian schools. As Stephen J Ball points out in his book, The Education Debate, the ‘New Directions’ paper collapsed the social and economic purposes of Australian education ‘into a single overriding emphasis on policymaking for economic competitiveness’.